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Roll # 2

        I had a little trouble rerolling the film this time. I lost the last two shots, one of which was a 7 second time exposure done by holding the camera firmly on a table top while holding the shutter release lever down to a count of "seven-one-thousand".
        This was the exposure indicated by the meter in my Nikon for that particular indoor shot at F22. I measured the diameter of the lens aperture and divided it into the mid lens to film plane distance, and got about 22. I believe this to be closer to the true aperture than the F16 I've read elsewhere; as the "F16 Rule" for properly exposing ASA 100 film would tend to corroborate that the camera shoots at 1/50th of a second at F22. Also, the degree of sharpness and depth of field the camera yields would be more compatable with shots at F22 than F16.
        The other was a flash shot done with the original flash attachment and a 25B flashbulb that were in the shoe box with the camera. The resulting spectacular incineration was a sight to behold.
        I saw part of a negative that would lead me to believe that these shots came out. I will repeat them on the next roll.
        I wasted one roll of film to see what my difficulties were in rewinding the 120 film onto the 620 spindle this last time. I think there were 2 areas. First on winding the film from my hand onto the 120 spindle I was failing to identify the loose end (the first end encountered as you start winding from the "exposed or finished" end back onto the 620 spindle) of thefilm itself. If you miss identifying the films loose end, you can end up having the film  instead of the paper at the back window. Second was learning exactly how the tape that secures the film to the paper at the "start" end of the roll attaches, so I could more deftly detach it; and then continue the final part of the rewinding process.
        I also feel that now having an extra 120 spindle to wind off onto instead of into my hand is an advantage.
        It finally dawned on me as well that, since I now take my film to a local lab, I don't have to rewind it back on to a 120 spindle when I'm done shooting it. I just need to take the roll in and ask the developer to please return the 620 spindle to me .
        I'm only going into such detail here in case some other idiot is trying to do this stuff, and can benefit from my mistakes.
        In any case, I now have a new roll perfectly rewound, and into the old Brownie; and am ready for new adventures.
        Here are some of the results from roll # 2.

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