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Ambitious Projects
Long and Tedious
Strain Your Modem
Stress Your Gluteus


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Finally The Grand Canyon Trip

New!!! The Great Brownie Box Camera Experiment
 Now Acclaimed by "The Brownie Page"

The ER Pictures
A Brief Story About A Bike Ride Gone Wrong
The Cloud Pictures
A Neighborhood Bike Trip

Carterville to Metropolis 15 Aug 1998

Some Great Photos I Took in St.Louis 

Our Genealogy Site

(Also linked from Kim's baby picture 
on page 4)


The Best Links Ever
But Not My Work

Great Imaging and Web Wisdom
Philip Greenspun's Amazing Site
to which and whom I owe much
The Source
(Where I Get Money for Computer Parts) 
If I Had a Paintbrush
 Beautifull Dreamer
Icons Anyone ?
Isthmus Art or Watt
Roadside America

The eEnd of The Whorl as We Gnaw It

Abandon all entries 
ye who hope you are here.
 Charles Clemens has his first web presence.
The world shudders in disbelief:
  As we sigh in relief

... ahoy maties


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My life in the pointless forest 
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Every picture Tells a Story
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Friends Relatives Countrymen all without fears
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