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Backpacking in the Gila Wilderness
New Mexico Sep 2010
We ride our bikes to Bisbee
Arizona Nov 2009
Mountain Biking the White Rim Trail
Canyonlands N.P. Utah May 2009
We suffer a Derecho
May 2009 Cartervile, Il
2006 Neely Family Reunion
Indianapolis, Aug 2006
Visiting Dave's New Home
Indianapolis, May 2005
Chuck's 40th
High School Reunion

South Bend August 2003
We Visit Nick
at his new job

Jacksonville, FL March 2003
The Clemens Clan
Visit the Sullivans

Houston March 2002
We Visit Matt
at his new job

Indianapolis March 2002
Steve & Ellen come to visit
June 2001
Christmas at the Funkhouser's
Elkhart Dec 2001

A Journey To
An Obscure Cemetery

(part of my genealogy research)

Finally The Grand Canyon Trip
The ER Pictures
A Brief Story About A Bike Ride Gone Wrong
Kim's graduation and move to Arkansas
Aug 1998
The Cloud Pictures
July 1998
Some Great Photos I Took in St.Louis
June 1998

Our Genealogy Site
(Also linked from Kim's baby picture
on page 4)


The Best Links Ever
But Not My Work

Great Imaging and Web Wisdom
Philip Greenspun's Amazing Site
To which and whom I owe much
The Source
(Where I Get Money for Computer Parts) 
If I Had a Paintbrush
(Art History)
 Beautifull Dreamer
(Nat'l Park Photo Gallery)
Icons Anyone ?
(religious art and history)
Roadside America
(roadside attractions)
(A Great Game)

The eEnd of The Whorl as We Gnaw It

Abandon all entries 
ye who hope you are here.
 Charles Clemens has his first web presence.
The world shudders in disbelief:
  As we sigh in relief

... ahoy maties

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Marsha Clemens

A list of the photography related documents I've felt required to create.

My Treatise on Medium Format Photography
The Great Brownie Hawkeye Experiment
(with important news)
Acclaimed by "The Brownie Page"
for views from an Even Older Camera
A No.2 Brownie Box
made in 1905
A New Diversion
How to convert a Brownie Hawkeye
for electronic flash
You may wish to participate in my new
Discussion Forum
on care and use of antique cameras.
Here is an entire
Power Point presentation on
More Effective Use of Your Point & Shoot Camera

Note: 5.5mb file hope you have a high speed connection.
Here is an entire
Power Point presentation on
Working in the Digital Darkroom

Note: 3.3mb file hope you have a high speed connection.
A Frustration Averter
Repairing the Autofocus on
A Rollei P66 Projector
A Copy of the Owner's Manual
for the Rollei P66s (1.9MgB PDF file)
Here's a copy of the
Fuji GA645 Owner's Manual
(PDF format)
Using 220 Film in Old Hasselblad 12 Backs
Information on repairing a Gossen Pilot Light Meter
The Owner's Manual for
The Gossen Pilot 2 Light Meter

(PDF format)
How to add "Silent Mode"
to your Konica Hexar Silver

(Man, this is really esoteric; but very cool amongst the avid.

A Free Listing of Photo Sites